Program Management

The overall objective of Atethemis’ program management (PM) is to implement, manage, administer, coordinate – and as necessary improve – efficient and effective management protocols for successfully delivering a quality program within budget and timeline, and provides the intended utility in transforming the community.

Planning is essential for successful program implementation; managing successful execution and implementation of a program is planned at the onset of the project where Atethemis experience and knowledge is an asset in identifying critical path in the program delivery process, key program related risks and opportunities, and aligning these with the key relevant challenges. This lays the foundation for developing the program management plan (PMP) early during the inception phase of any development project. Typical challenges faced on developments program can be overcome through early identification and analysis of key sustainability and completion risks, stakeholders and program beneficiaries are crucial in the planning, design and implementation of a program to achieve its intended objectives.

The Atethemis PM approach:

  • Facilitates meaningful participation with project stakeholders during project design and implementation to assure project meets needs and expectations;
  • Ensures effective integration of the environmental, social, health & safety, community, institutional and infrastructure plans to address constraints and ensure sustainability;
  • Maintains continuous coordination and engagement with clients and beneficiaries for inputs and decisions to foster a shared vision through the program; and
  • Manage and mitigate project related risks from start to finish to deliver a quality program that delivers the desired outcome on budget and within schedule.


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